Why Invest in a House When Crypto Is Booming?

• The UK housing market has historically been resilient, with house prices rising steadily for decades.
• In 2022, house prices rose 10.4%, while bitcoins dropped 40.9%.
• Property may be a safer investment than bitcoin but it is not immune to economic headwinds and bitcoin can provide more flexibility in the face of financial uncertainty.

UK Housing Market

The UK housing market has historically been resilient, with house prices rising steadily over the last few decades despite recessions or other economic shocks. In 2022, property outperformed crypto coins with house prices up 10.4% compared to Bitcoin’s 40.9% drop in value year-on-year.

Property VS Bitcoin

Buying a house is often seen as a safe and reliable way to invest one’s wealth due to its long history of price rises and general market resilience; however, this may not always be the case when faced with sudden economic headwinds or changes in employment or prices. Bitcoin provides more options when looking at investments as it can go through regular bull and bear cycles which can make it a more attractive option if investing during the bottom of a cycle.

Pros & Cons

When considering whether to buy a property or invest in bitcoin there are both advantages and drawbacks to consider:

• House – generally seen as safer investment as its values have risen consistently over time; however, having most of ones wealth tied up in a 25 year mortgage may not be the best strategy when facing economic turbulence

• Bitcoin – provides more options than property investments due to its regular bull and bear cycles; however, these cycles mean that investors need to be prepared for significant drops in value which could result in significant losses if not monitored properly


Ultimately when deciding between buying a property or investing in bitcoin it comes down to personal preference and risk appetite – some may prefer the security that comes from bricks and mortar while others may like the flexibility offered by cryptocurrency investment vehicles such as Bitcoin. It is important that before making any decision one takes into consideration all the pros & cons associated with each option before committing any funds so they can make an informed decision about how best manage their money moving forward.


Investing your hard earned money should never be taken lightly therefore it is essential you take into account all potential risks associated with either option before committing any funds so you can make an informed decision on what is best for your individual circumstances moving forward