Collect and Trade Unique NFTs with Bubblegum Kids!

• The Bubblegum Kids collection is an Ethereum-based non-fungible token collection with 10,000 items.
• It has 3223 owners and a market capitalization of 337.62 ETH.
• The price and value of NFTs in the Bubblegum Kids collection are influenced by the project’s development and promotion.

Overview of Bubblegum Kids Collection

The Bubblegum Kids collection is a non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 29 September, 2021. 10,000 items of the Bubblegum Kids collection can now be viewed at OpenSea and it has reached 3223 owners within 511 days since its release. Its market capitalization is currently at 337.62 ETH and 14,849 collections sales have been made over time with an average price of 0.15 ETH (~$246.49). The floor price for this NFT is 0.0347 ETH and the 30-day trading volume stands at 6.63 ETH while payment tokens accepted are ETH, WETH, USDC, APE.

Determining Value of NFTs

It is difficult to determine whether or not an NFT from the Bubblegum Kids collection is overpriced or underpriced as it is still a relatively new asset class to blockchain technology without any historical data or precedence which can assist in pricing it accurately. Some projects have become more valuable due to their first mover advantage while others may have been created out of greed or exploitation resulting in no value after all thus making them garbage assets with little to no worth attached to them whatsoever.

Examples from the Collection

Some examples from the Bubblegum Kid’s collections include: #2458, #2459, #2460 & #2461 which are all unique digital artworks created by artists who appreciate what these types of assets can bring to their creative space as well as investors who understand how profitable they could be when done correctly and ethically without any intention to exploit market growth for personal gain only instead providing real value for users around them in order for them to succeed together as a community where everyone can benefit from being involved one way or another through trading or simply enjoying the artwork provided by talented creators behind such projects like this one here mentioned above – The Bubblegum Kids Collection!

Fees Structure

The fees structure for purchasing digital artworks from this particular NTF collection involves 500 basis points going towards developers upon sale completion whereas buyers will incur zero basis points for doing so – making overall investing into such projects more affordable yet still incentivizing those creating it by providing some kind compensation that allows them continue working on their craft without fear of not getting compensated adequately enough otherwise if we were looking just solely at their own pocket money spent into developing such products themselves instead allowing us here now today enjoy these pieces they’ve put so much effort into making something truly special out there!


In conclusion, determining whether NTFs from the Bubblegum Kids collections are overpriced or underpriced will depend on how well its developed and promoted by both its creators and community members alike that help make it successful along with other factors like historical data available regarding similar asset classes etcetera before we can make any definitive conclusions about its potential future potential performance on markets too then – but regardless we can all agree here that there exists plenty potential behind this concept if done correctly so let’s hope these efforts do pay off eventually indeed!